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The gourmet chocolate museum retraces more than 4000 years of cocoa and chocolate history in words, images and flavors. The museum plunges the visitor into the fabulous world of chocolate and takes him on an exciting adventure through time, to be experienced intensely, with all the senses alert.

The museum, composed of three distinct parts, tells the story of the origin and evolution of chocolate through a unique collection of a thousand objects.

Beyond the historical aspect, the museum also details the methods of making chocolate, the ingredients used and the evolution of its manufacture over the centuries.

You begin your visit by discovering the tree that provides us with chocolate: the cocoa tree. You will discover all the specificities that are necessary for its development and how we transform its beans to make the delicious chocolate.

This second part begins with the important meeting, in 1519, between the Aztec emperor Moctezuma and Hernan Cortés, which will lead to the introduction of cocoa in Europe. Christopher Columbus was the first European to taste the cocoa-based drink “Tchocoatl” in 1502, but he did not pay much attention to it because he did not consider it very tasty.

Finally the tasting workshop will close this visit where you can discover and rediscover among a set of variety coming from Ecuador, Costa Rica, Vanuatu, Venezuela…

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