Ô CHATEAU, Cheese and wine tasting at the Louvre cheese factory

dégustation de fromages

Take part in a Wine and Cheese Tasting Workshop over lunch, with our cheese sommelier who will help you discover all the secrets of these two flagship products of French gastronomy.

You will discover seven cheeses from the Fromagerie du Louvre, accompanied by seven wines selected by the Head Sommelier.

Wine & Cheese Workshop

Ô Chateau Wine Bar

Elegant wine bar with an old style, Ô Chateau is not a place like the others. It was conceived in Paris by and for wine and gastronomy lovers.

The evening


  • The basics of wine tasting
  • The making and maturing of cheeses, their typicality according to the regions
  • The marvelous pairing of cheese and wine
  • The different grape varieties and their appellations
  • The specific aromas revealed by the pairing of certain cheeses

Wine tasting


  • 7 wines
  • 7 cheeses to match

The program of your evening


  • The presence of the cheese sommelier
  • Privatization of our wine library or our cellar for the tasting
  • Seven exceptional cheeses from the Fromagerie du Louvre
  • Seven wines selected by Ô Château’s Chief Sommelier for a perfect match
  • A tasting booklet

Informations générales

Please arrive 15 to 10 minutes before the beginning of the workshop

Informations pratiques

Adresse : 68 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 75001 Paris

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