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PARADIS LATIN, the cabaret signed Gustave Eiffel !

The Latin Theatre is dead! Long live the Latin Paradise! A real place of wonder and nocturnal distractions, the oldest cabaret in Paris, offers you a special proposes a special Gustave Eiffel evening. Initially the Paradis Latin, a bourgeois theater dedicated to intellectuals and scholars, was not yet the indispensable address it is today. In 1889 Gustave Eiffel got involved and reinvented the cabaret, which then became the essential place it is today. The cabaret has been able to renew itself over time and create this unique festive and burlesque atmosphere. Show :
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General Informations

  • Dress code is required. City sneakers and classic jeans (without holes) are tolerated.
  • The maitre will seat you when you come. The design of our room ensures good visibility wherever you are. If you have a special request, please specify it when making your reservation.
  • A paying checkroom is at your disposal. In view of the new regulations, the checkroom is mandatory and bulky luggage is prohibited.
  • The Paradis Latin does not impose any age restrictions, but we recommend a minimum age of 6 years to fully enjoy the show. Children's menus are available.
  • The cabaret has a dedicated access for people with reduced mobility. In order to prepare your visit and your comfort, we invite you to contact us before the show.

Gustave Eiffel Evening

" L'oiseau Paradis " show

The show begins as soon as the guests arrive, in the hall of the Cabaret. Comedians, dancers and artists will immerse the guests in a surreal and stunning atmosphere!

The artists and the crew will lead the audience into a magical world throughout the evening. A permanent interaction with the public will make each show a unique moment.

The Paradis Latin revue

Creatures, dancers, special effects and new technologies mix in the middle of fifteen exceptional sets signed by Alain Lagarde, well-known as a creator of sets for operas, musicals and plays. In addition, more than 500 costumes created for the occasion by the Parisian Couture House "On aura tout vu", which has made the stage costumes of the biggest stars such as Beyoncé, Katy Perry, as well as many ballets for the opera.

After their collaboration at the Folies Bergères (show "French Cancan"), Marie-Laure Philippon joined Kamel Ouali to remount a new French Cancan at the Paradis Latin, which is at once authentic, modern and surprising.

The Paradis Latin restaurant

At the Paradis Latin, customers will be greeted as soon as they arrive in the lobby by a pre-show show, and the waiter brigade is an integral part of the attractions. The idea is to offer a real gala evening to all the spectators. At the Paradis Latin, you don't dine, you awaken your senses with impeccable gastronomy and unparalleled entertainment.

The Menu Gustave Eiffel


  • Poultry and veal pie with pistachio, beet as a condiment
    Free-range poultry, veal breast, foie gras and pistachios in a shortbread crust,
    served with a tartar of cooked beets
  • Le Colors Paradis
    Smoked salmon, horseradish cream, broccoli purée, salmon eggs and smoked butter sabayon
  • Cucumber and yogurt gazpacho, wasabi tarama and bottarga
    Cucumber and yogurt juice soup, cucumber brunoise, wasabi tarama quenelle,
    shredded bottarga and crispy poppy seed lace tiles


  • Koulibiac style salmon with ginger beurre blanc
    Salmon filet, rice, spinach and organic eggs cooked in puff pastry
  • Lamb Navarin with sage and lemon confit
    Simmered lamb shoulder, turnips, carrots and spring onions
    seasoned with "sage, anchovy, olive" oil. Lemon confit as a finishing touch
  • Multicolored vegetables, perfect egg and parmesan
    Hot vegetables: artichoke puree, multicolored carrots, yellow beets, candied tomatoes, leeks,
    multicolored radishes, turnips. An organic egg cooked at 64°C, a beautiful parmesan and chive tuile


  • French Kiss
    Bergamot-flavored ganache with raspberry insert
  • French Cancan
    Spoon cookies, rhubarb and blackcurrant sorbet, upside down dress meringue and chocolate legs

Mineral water 1/2 bottle of wine* 1/4 bottle of Champagne* * Selection of Paradis Latin -

* Paradis Latin selection - Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation.

The prestige menu


  • Foie gras in the shape of a flower
    Foie gras in the shape of a flower, pointed cabbage salad with pomegranate molasses
    Espelette pepper and toasted sourdough bread
  • Sea bream and spring vegetables like a ceviche
    Diced sea bream seasoned with coconut milk, Espelette pepper, lime and olive oil,
    accompanied by cauliflower, mushrooms and leeks seasoned with coriander
  • Crab-avocado in fine shellfish jelly, squid ink tuile
    Remoulade of crab-avocado, shellfish jelly in veil, granny Smith apple,
    cress mix: shizo, radish cress and pansy flowers


  • Back of cod in herb breading, roasted tomato and sauce vierge
    Back of cod cooked with herbs, tomato confit with balsamic
    herb-piquillo sauce, pomegranate and roasted red onion finish
  • Monkfish medallions with green curry, fregola sarda and peas cooked like risotto
    Monkfish medallions marinated in green curry, fregola sarda and peas cooked like risotto,
    a touch of tarragon, fish stock with green curry
  • The Wellington Paradise served rare
    Beef filet, mushroom duxelles, cecina (beef ham),
    puff pastry that encloses the whole. Baked, served rare, beef jus with port


  • Montebello
    Pistachio cream, pistachios, pistachio whipped cream, Infiniment shortbread dough, strawberry coulis
    pistachio, strawberry coulis, fresh strawberries, strawberry sorbet, macaroon cookie
  • Orpheo
    Creamy Belize chocolate cream, hazelnut whipped cream, Infiniment chocolate shortbread dough,
    Belize chocolate cold sauce, caramelized hazelnuts, hazelnut flaky praline,
    Belize chocolate chips

Mineral water 1/2 bottle of wine* 1/4 bottle of Champagne* * Selection of Paradis Latin -

* Paradis Latin selection - Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume with moderation.

The program of your evening

A unique pre-show will animate your dinner, followed by 1h45 of dynamic, poetic and sensual show where breathtaking artists and new technologies meet, creating an original and unforgettable experience.

From 7:30 pm: arrival and pre-show
9:30 pm: show
11:15 pm: final

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