STUDIO HARCOURT, an iconographic reference

studio Harcourt

Since its creation in 1934, Studio Harcourt has preserved and cultivated the fundamental values that have forged its success and reputation: the demand for excellence, respect for French aesthetics and elegance.


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The story 

Studio Harcourt’s aesthetic draws its heritage from the glamorous roots of the golden age of French black and white cinema. This unique image conceals a story, an emotion, a skilful alchemy of chiaroscuro.
Often imitated but never equaled, the Harcourt style has become a guarantee of eternity, an iconographic reference which, over the years, has become an essential signature.

A veritable institution now labeled “Living Heritage Company”, the Harcourt label is part of the collective unconscious and continues its quest for timelessness, etching its mark in the imagination of time. Pictorial memory of the great artistic, cultural and political figures of the 20th century, the legend imposes itself as evidence, defying the passage of time.

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Adresse : 6 Rue de Lota, 75116 Paris

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